June 8th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What's the current Multiplayer status?

June 8th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What's the current Multiplayer status?

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i'm gonna say uh what's the current multiplayer status it's it's all right it's going it's going places it's all right i'll give it a solid six out of ten seven out of ten ten we're working i'm out ten on a good day yeah i saw a similar question about like if there's any big optimization uh updates coming like the the the tricky thing is like we've kind of like um i mentioned this before we are reworking a bunch of systems for the games to be able to like both because of technical depth and we're like we need to fix them to be able to work on other things but also to like so that we can actually do major improvements to the game it's a slow it's a marathon like it takes time we don't have any like obvious low hanging fruit and we haven't had that for a long time actually so like sometimes we figure out things in the game that we didn't know about for instance one thing that ben talked about in the um in the uh lights video was that we we noticed that the dismantle effect uh would cache kind of all the materials for all buildings in the game on like in one frame and then throw it away when you load it into the game and that wasn't something that we we realized until after we implemented the stencil drawing of the mantle effect but that was a huge gain for for like big factories and we didn't know about that so there's still a bunch of stuff we can do to improve on things like that but for the most part it's like we have like a bunch of systems that we need to build so that we can get a little bit of better performance here and there but you know all that stuff kind of trickles down and eventually you'll get a much smoother experience but it really is a marathon and there's no like one one thing to fix to fix all things um so slow and steady wins the race essentially if you go back to a bunch of builds of the game and look at play the game like you will definitely notice how much worse it was before um like i remember i remember bef when we released the ea e3 trailer um there was a factory that we we filmed in like slow motion so that we kind of like because we couldn't run that factory on the machine that we had at that time and then now that that factory is like nothing like compared to what people are running now so like there's definitely improvement to the game uh when it comes to performance and we have the receipts for that um so it's just uh it's just uh we just have to keep going so you're gonna see slow improvements but it's probably you won't probably like it also depends a little bit on your situations like sometimes people have had a factory setup that like is hugely affected by some optimization uh but for most people you probably won't notice until uh unless you go back