January 12th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev - FICS⁕MAS

January 12th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev - FICS⁕MAS




a bunch of stuff that we can talk about yeah really cool so we're going to talk about that on stream we're going to talk about like uh well first of all we're going to talk about fixmas because fixmas is still going on but this is the last week of fixmas it's the the official last week also a song that you don't know the lyrics to only like that amazing anyway so so fixmes is going to end on january 18th uh you may have noticed if you if you're an avid satisfactory player like myself i know everything about the game that uh at new year's eve there was a bug with the fixmas event where the event would stop working um and a big shout out to ben our technical artist who actually just sacrificed his his uh his well-being and patched it up and fixed that um he's in a coma now yeah he's he's recovering um then m p for sure can we get an f in the chat for ben yeah pay some respects um but yeah so so but the fix was so he fixed the fixmas event so that it runs at least but there was another bug that we didn't for some reason anticipate i don't know why but um apparently the the calendar was set to like the current month always so when the year when like december ended and january started the the advent calendar reset so you if you hadn't opened the calendar up until like december 25th then the boxes would be closed again y2k mega lol yeah yeah it kind of was yeah yeah um and we've we put out a patch yesterday to to fix that and in that patch we also made it so that you can now sync fixmas stuff which is our way of saying get that out of here like it's over okay just so you have that hard decision to uh you hoard what you have or uh because you have some sentimental attachment to it even though hopefully maybe you'll stick around maybe you want or you can sync it and uh get something for for your efforts get some sweet points so you can buy whatever we sell in the store the foundations or whatever these yeah the trophies yeah yeah that's true that's true not the side not the wagon kind of factory cart yeah and stuff like that um and i know that a lot of people have asked this in the past but we're just going to like reiterate it so once the event is over you will the fixed mis related stuff will you won't be able to build any more fixed misrelated stuff as far as i know like all this the production lines will stop working um and uh like the buildings like all the the decorations that we have for victims like lizzie doggle have the antlers and like the the wraiths on the power poles they will go back to default look um but your fixmas buildings will still like stick around so they won't like disappear in the world but they won't not wraiths wreaths you guys reaps oh sorry did i say rates yeah nice hearts that's hard i think i spelt it wrong it might have been another e i'm not sure yeah oh well yeah it was because of that chase it was totally because of you that i said that yeah that was me and um so yeah that's that's what's going to happen and you can kind of preview this if you disable the events in the main menu options menu if you want to see what that looks like um so yeah it's over get over it y'all i don't know if there's if there's is there anything we want to talk about uh that was kind of like there were a few like reveals there's in the calendar um yeah there were maybe we we won't talk to you we can talk about that a little bit soon yeah we'll also touch on it just a bit yeah because i think later in the stream we're going to talk about yeah that makes it more sensitive uh one thing i want to say though because i know some people have kind of figured this out but they haven't really um so on the 25th there was a there's a very special item not everyone got that item the reason why not everyone got that item was because you cheated so there was a book yeah so there was a bug with the way the way we did this um was if you had fast forward at your system clock to like unlock uh boxes in the calendar then when you open the 25th you would get nuclear waste ah yeah so uh got him that was not intentional first of all uh that was just like something that happened but then we kind of roll with it that was like a bug initially don't tell him it wasn't intentional come on man we had we got so much cred for that now it's all gone yeah sorry that's just the way the cookie crumbles here coffee stain nothing we do is is is intentional we just like roll with everything yeah successful game was a total accident yeah so so if you're wondering why you didn't get it like that's that's why uh but like don't worry like it doesn't do anything in the game like right now it's it's it's it's just like it's just it would be cool to have probably yeah yeah maybe but yeah so and it's really easy for people to cheat it in like if you already cheated you know how to cheat okay so uh so yeah um all right another i think that's all for fixmas event yeah so i think it is let's move on one thing i'll talk about