October 20th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: How does the Questions site transfer to Feature in game?

October 20th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: How does the Questions site transfer to Feature in game?


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let's see here uh how does the questions site translate to feature in game uh i'm not quite sure what you mean there if you mean like what the prog like the the the process of of us checking the question site is both to like it's mostly our our director who checks it and our qa manager checks it for two two different reasons one is to check for issues with the game and report it essentially and like so we can prioritize it um but for feature-wise it's also like you know so that our game director can look at it and be like yeah this is a cool feature uh a lot of stuff that's on the qa site like has is stuff that we've already thought of because like to be fair we worked in this game for four years five years long-ass time uh so like during that time we've had a lot of time to also like figure out like stuff that we want uh so like to be for the most part most of the stuff feature-wise that's requested our stuff that we've already thought of at some point i think uh maybe not specifically me and jase because sometimes we'll be uh like amazed by certain features that sounds smart uh but usually like people that spend their whole day just thinking about like how to improve this game they have a good uh understanding of like how it will affect the game and you know what ideas are worth investing time in to check out and prototype sometimes we prototype stuff and we realize this wasn't a good idea sometimes like sometimes an idea can be really good on paper and then you implement in the game and you realize there's some like issues with it and sometimes it's like is it worth having that feature even though it causes it like all these other other issues so like it's it's a there's there's a bunch of trade-offs to that um and that's pretty much funneled through our game director