March 30th, 2021 Livestream Community FYI: Doesn't feel like it

March 30th, 2021 Livestream

Community FYI: Doesn't feel like it

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doesn't feel like it i know right that's the interesting thing we've decreased the nighttime so much because of feedback or from people complaining about it it used to be that it was like uh 40 minutes no i think it was like 35 minutes day 25 minutes night when we launched and people hated it so we reduced it even more and i think now it's 50 minutes day 10 minutes a night i might be wrong but it's it's really short it's surprisingly short but people still think like no night time is so annoying five minutes night it's even less than what i said okay so it's not an even hour for a day interesting i didn't know that so it's 45 minutes day five minutes night and you guys still think the night is too long come on but i feel like nighttime is much better now that we added lights don't you agree maybe you should agree tonight now because of that huh huh knight is too short see see now it's not too short now night isn't too long with lights oh don't tell mark that because mark will would love to increase the night we demand long nights what is this what is this this is this is what what year is this where what universe what alternate universe am i in right now people like the night now what paid actors yeah exactly hashtag night too short you guys are you guys are just trolling you guys i don't believe that for a second 30 days of night do a poll i wish i could do we're not affiliated on twitch so i can't use polls but really interesting upload that in a q a site i i i'm curious now night riot interesting interesting interesting i didn't think we'd get here to be to be to be honest we are planning on improving uh the lighting for the for the entire game because we feel like the knights are are too like we've always felt the knights are too dark um we we haven't disagreed with you guys on that we have planned on fixing the lighting it's just a huge task it was easier implementing lights than than fixing the lighting in the entire game you may have noticed that like the lighting also broke in in update four same issue the the like eye exposure thing is like it needs to be set in all the areas in the game properly and we just haven't got around to it night length setting suggested i don't think we're going to do that darker nights now you know for sure you guys are pulling my leg and welcome to the times of the pandemic people have gone crazy that's that's what it is the pandemic is screwed you guys is everybody here sick with coveto what's going on remove lights and make the screen black we also did add gamma since since then which it's a shitty solution but uh it does make it a little bit more easier depending on your monitor because if you have a really dark monitor then upping the gamma can really improve that any more questions or are we just like talking about how short the nights are remember we have like we have 20 minutes left on the stream so if you guys have any questions then uh do it