January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: What the community would like to see in Update 3?

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: What the community would like to see in Update 3?




where in the video that we put out yesterday that you put out yesterday we asked people to kind of comment like what you think is like the most important things for you for update three like what what would you like to see in terms of like fixes or features or like you know quality of life stuff or like what annoys you in the game and etc um so we we thought we'd just like give you guys a [ __ ] off that one no go away um like apart from the obvious things like dedicated servers and stuff that we already talked about but like if there are any things any any stuff any issues that you feel like this should be fixed for update three this is a good opportunity for us to like uh take that in but also give you you an opportunity to tell you kind of what we fixed or what we think we fixed for the update because like a lot of people have been asking about multiplayer stuff um and yeah i think i should actually talk about this because i didn't run this by you but i think it's we we wanted to do this last year it's about to get fired yeah we get it right so yeah we've done a few fixes for multiplayer um we're simulating a little bit more when you're building now on client so there's a bug on experimenter right now with like if you're if the server has like really laggy connection like it will get exponentially more lag of your client so like even bringing up like the build menu and stuff like that is really tedious uh so we've i've made a system now so that that should be a little bit smoother so that's one thing that's coming uh and yeah there's like general stuff like there's there's small things like or not small things but like they're kind of game breaking but like you can resolve them as hosts so like sometimes clients don't see inventory and stuff like that and we think we fix most of those things but we'll know and like when we roll out experimental we start fixing those more properly like these are kind of like edge cases where like they're kind of easy to fix we just need to like find them um in to some regard like some things are really hard like vehicles being laggy is unfortunately a really really hard really hard one but we're gonna get to it at some point yeah um and yeah it was like trains are our lag if we plan as well and that's also something that we were aware of when we post pushed trains but that's something that we're gonna fix in the future uh maybe not like immediately for update three but it's like in i don't wanna say it's in the pipe sorry triggered it's a common expression right [ __ ] you like it it's it's on the list dare i say could have just said on the list yeah maybe um another thing that i saw was people like uh some things people talking about uh being able to wear suits and jet pack or whatever at the same time or some just like some like like equipment slot issues that was one thing multiple body slots yeah um yeah there was a bunch on the youtube oh yeah automated uh do you want to say that one that's that's been oh yeah hop into automated vehicles without driving them so they they keep running on their automated course yeah yeah i would like that that is we've talked about that a long time again we have talked about it yeah cause that's happening is that happening okay well there you go yep there you are yeah that's really nice yeah and also like the bugs with like uh timetables being weird on trains i believe that is also fixed okay um it's kind of like for us it's it's uh or at least for me um like i see a lot of people complaining about stuff that i know are fixed or that are fixed so like if i see it on discord i'll probably like shout out that like that's probably fixed if i see it because like this whole like window where like we can't update the experimental version until update three comes out it's been really frustrating yeah really frustrating for everyone for everyone like it frustrates the hell out of us too when when when like you guys are like we haven't heard anything in months it's like really frustrating it's it's like for us it's frustrating to not tell you as well you know when i'm talking to uh i keep saying tim it's because everything's just fun he does nothing but screw everything up you know whatever he's he's yeah i i work with him a lot he's like he does a lot of boring stuff um but uh basically we're we're deciding like what we can say what we can do when can we like release information and things like that and whenever we have to be tight-lipped or delay something you know he's always like a little like and i'm always like and he's like but jace and i'm like that's so accurate yeah but he's not happy either no one's happy no one's happy you're not happy we're not happy it's gonna be really nice yeah and we get updates we out because yeah we can like we can talk and actually hang out yeah we can talk about stuff again yeah yeah because we're really yeah we're really doing this to to amp it up blame tim timmon yeah yeah let's see if there's anything else here oh yeah yeah right i've seen that before as well placing uh like the the foundations if there was a better way than like yeah i've seen that a bunch of times yeah