September 9th, 2020

September 9th, 2020 Update 4 news + FAN FORGE challenge!

Snutt Talk: Update 4 & Dedicated Servers



i just want to address some things
related to update 4 and dedicated
servers because i'm getting a lot of
questions about these two
uh and i just want to give you a quick
update on the update
a lot of people have been asking when we
think update 4 will be coming out and
we've not been able to give like a good
answer because
we don't really have a good answer
really we still works towards like the
mantra that like it'll be done when it's
and we can only really like speculate as
to how much time
like it will really take so we can't
give like any definite dates
until we feel confident enough that we
can meet them and jayce kind of talked a
little bit on this topic in a previous
video that you can check out here
what we can say at this point though is
that it's probably not going to happen
until early
2021. i know that sucks
but in between now and then we're
planning on releasing kind of like a
minor update to the game so it'd be like
you know something in between update
three and four um
so yeah you can expect that sometime
maybe early
november that will contain you know a
bunch of bug fixes some optimization
maybe some quality of life features and
and an update to fluids in the game
uh how mysterious so anyway you can look
forward to that
so regarding dedicated servers we've
decided to prioritize that a bit more
going forward we've been working on
dedicated service
since forever and dedicated server
support is
still like its own thing so it isn't
bundled with like update four
or anything like that uh but rather it
will it will be it's
you know it will be available at its own
thing um albeit we
don't really have a good time estimate