September 9th, 2020 Video Q&A: Are there any more designs coming?

September 9th, 2020 Video

Q&A: Are there any more designs coming?

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yeah are there any more designs coming well funny you should ask that i mean it's not because i picked all the questions but for fans by fans is something has something that's called four fan job four fans by fans has something that's called fan forge so fan forge is kind of like an open gallery for anyone to submit their designs and ideas for merch for the game and those designs will be shared and rated by the community so there's a chance that those designs will become like actual merch that we can sell on for fans by fans website or through wholesale or at conventions i mean whenever conventions happen again so essentially you can submit your own designs and we'll kick this off by hosting like a competition where we'll pick our favorite designs and one winner will receive like some exclusive goodies signed by the dev team and if you want to participate in this make sure that you design something that's original that's inspired by satisfactory that you're 18 years or older or have guardian consent and that you do not submit mashups or crossovers and that you do not use any copyrighted third party or anything overly lewd or otherwise inappropriate material so the competition starts right now and the final day for submission is october 8th


i love the way i said that and you can read more about submitting your designs and the link in the description and like i know it's super cliche to say this but uh i'm super looking forward to what you guys create because i know just how insanely creative our community is um so i that's gonna be it for me today