June 1st, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Setting up a Coal Generator (Part 1)

June 1st, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Setting up a Coal Generator (Part 1)

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um so now that we have access to tier three we have access to the call generators um and i cannot no i want to open this the what's this called you spell wrong oh sorry this is how you're sparkle um


so we're gonna also like um in order to to get cold generators running we need two things we need coal dur and we need water um and in order to find coal we need to find like a vein of coal right so i'm going to scan for that first fall menu here yeah what's that oh look at that candidates coming right for you neat literally flying away yeah yeah yeah um so the closest one i just happen to know that the closest uh coal ore is over there in the distance so we're gonna run over there yeah so so uh we also like we're we're gonna explain this as we get to it but we also kind of know how many cold generators we can build at this point of the game and also how many water extractors we need to like in that ratio so to speak um so i just happen to know that we need eight coal generators from one vein of uh coal ore that we can get 120 coal per minute we'll get to that in a second we also need three water extractors to to balance that out so we get enough water in the generators we also need a miner so i'm going to press that so what i'm doing here is i'm adding like the buildings that i want to build into like a to-do list you can't see it unfortunately because after ugly mugs are in the face but can you temporarily hide it or something like it doesn't really matter if yeah i'm just like so this is what it looks like just a little list of like things you need and right now we're missing a few materials right we're missing a portable miner we're missing reinforced iron plates i'm gonna run down and get the iron plate first which we happen to have over here uh i kind of also need a little bit more than what it says here just because we also use the reinforced iron plate for uh we're building the uh conveyor belts we also need a portable miner in order to make a portable miner we need to go over here stream just got better go away how dare you sir um so here are two more buildings that we haven't shown yet this is a workshop where you can build equipment that you can use this is where you build the portable miners i'm gonna build that