July 13th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Quicker Autosave, please?

July 13th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Quicker Autosave, please?

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quicker auto save please we work on all sorts of optimization including auto save uh so it will hopefully improve over time it's you know like the thing is the auto save if it's slow for you it's not slow because we designed it to be slow like it is kind of going as quick as we can make it go currently and we can try and make it better in time but it's it's not as if uh it's not as if it's slow because we just you know we just decided not to make it quick but we will work on it we work on everything we work on all the things you guys but it is it is again one of those things that like the bigger your game gets the slower the auto slave is going to go and so you know way back in the day people complain that autosave was slow after playing for you know under 100 hours uh now people are getting auto saved that's as you know the same speed or something but after hundreds of hours so um you know if we end up fixing it won't be a problem and you keep playing it's gonna end up getting slow again it's one of those things again like this game go the goal post will keep getting moved it's really hard to sort of like if we were to try and realistically be like let's just get it to a point where no one ever complains about autosaves being slow or that they get low fps it's like it's unrealistic we couldn't do it it will always happen eventually but do feel free to uh have your voice heard speak out about it put it on the qa site too just so we know what people are wanting you know