April 13th, 2021 Livestream Snutt Talk: Cheatcrete

April 13th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Cheatcrete


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kind of talked about in the past though that i can kind of confirm already is um if you were aware of the issue quote unquote issue uh with the game where we introdu we we fixed a bug that was called the cheat creep that a lot of a lot of people were using which were some of the like angular slope foundations uh didn't have any collision a lot of people were using that to build like get around a certain build limitations in the game and then we fix that in update four and people got a little bit upset at that about that because that means that you can't build in certain situations um and we reintroduced that bug while the update was an experimental um oh 10 minutes you guys here we go and that's that's something that we introduced for update 4. but for update 5 we're going to look into ways to like have that not be an issue anymore so to speak uh we don't have like an exact solution yet to that maybe we'll do like some kind of like scaffolding thing build part or something or you know we'll we'll take a look at the collision system and see like what makes sense and what doesn't make sense um because we are going to fix collision for foundations at some point in the future but we don't want to fix it if it hinders you guys building so we're gonna we're gonna sort something out we're gonna look at solutions and improve up upon the build modes specifically and that's something that we are currently and i can't stress enough how this is this is what currently has been worked on like for plan wise this might move over but uh this is what we're looking into implementing for update five