April 13th, 2021 Livestream Snutt Talk: The future of Satisfactory

April 13th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt Talk: The future of Satisfactory


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cool so i have a few minutes we're going to talk very briefly about this because i i thought i was going to have more time but marbles was so much fun um so the future for satisfactory is uh looking great sorry i'm like trying to glance over at the same time um so so i have a few notes here of what's coming uh in the future and update five is obviously the next update we're gonna work on um for for the game now there are still a few bug fixes that we need to do for for satisfactory in in update four and the branch on early access so we're still gonna make like a few hot fixes probably on that branch um on the right sim by the way yeah cool um um but we have started working on content for update five in fact we already started working like a few weeks ago on day five uh while some of the other people were working on update for related stuff and uh you might be asking but what's gonna be in update five snoot i mean i s sure i'm surely that's what people are typing right now in chat right what's what's gonna be in update five snook all you people writing what's up they say [ __ ] off like i'm kidding i'm kidding i love you guys um we've we've established this trolling just turn into simon for a second we've established this uh update nine um so so what's coming up to five that's a little bit secret still we're gonna probably do similar chat with website for we're gonna roll out information about update 5 as things are becoming more concrete things can always change we have ideas of what we're going to do for d5 and and you know those are things that we're working right now and starting up um some things that we have kind of