November 10th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Unreal Engine Object Limit

November 10th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Unreal Engine Object Limit

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i haven't seen that though yeah so the only question i have uh i placed one 500 computer and also a 15 000 computer that's crazy and the same problem occurs the number of principles uh will it be uh a fix to the amount of items we have in the save i have a 100 000 items um and i want to know if i need to start again i just deal with a lag okay so first of all there is an object limit in the game that has not been put on by us and it's not bound by hardware it's by the engine in the recent video with ben he actually talks about how you can change that um however that is not supported by us it's at your own risk because we don't know for sure what that is going to do he's observed more crashes when people do do that uh so if you go to our youtube channel i'll link the video again yeah it's kind of not recommended actually by us even uh yeah and then so also so that's so that's here's the video so that's um that object limit as for the game lagging as you add uh items like 500 000 items that's gonna happen and that's probably gonna always happen uh the the difference the thing that we can do is we can hopefully change the threshold so if you're lagging at 500 000 items uh hopefully we can fix it to a point where that you get that same amount of lag but at a million items but ultimately if you can just build forever you're going to hit that lag point at some point yeah um so yeah we we constantly optimize and also in that video uh ben talks about optimization so we're constantly doing that and things get better with every single update they do um it's just slow it's just incremental and um yeah so you will you're going to face the lag eventually i think there's i don't think that's something that can ever be gotten around removing limit equals gpu uh making a gp a cooking serve no i don't think so actually because the object limit is actually nothing to do with the gpu it's just sort of like i don't know it's memory it's like it's it's the garbage collector it's a garbage collector okay so it's it's memory in general yeah and and that limit is there it's it's it's hard set there by default by epic yeah uh because like and also like the the thing you mentioned before how like we don't exactly know what happens if we increase it because you might run and start running to like seg faults and like fragmentation issues with the save file and stuff like that or like in the game which can result in your safe while becoming corrupt and stuff like that so like it's uh we don't know exactly what happens uh when people up it uh what goes on because it's such a like when epic set that limit they were like nobody's gonna be able to like and then we made satisfaction yeah and then you guys went crazy and built like amazing [ __ ] but there's um there's like a lot of like optimizations that uh ben talks about even um to reduce the number of objects because sometimes an object an object can be as something as simple as just a little plane um and that can count as an object but sometimes we need that plane so it's not that the the object is heavy and expensive on your pc it's just an object that adds to the counter yeah um it's a custom engine yeah so we're gonna we're gonna work on that now we're gonna switch to custom download more ram very good it's like it's an object it's a data data memory object that like the engine keeps track of and checks references and like make sure like is this still live can i use this so yeah it's it's it's a little bit more complicated than just like it's just an item in the game like uh so like building one constructor for instance is like a bunch of objects in the then memory pool so to speak yep