June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Torsten Talk: Concept Art - Resource Well Pressurizer

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Torsten Talk: Concept Art - Resource Well Pressurizer


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starting with the resource well I think if I remember, yes the resource well pressurizer and, so, yeah just to to sum it up we want to go to a couple of stuff we did for update 4 and just explain a little bit what what what were what were they thinking and I'm gonna explain what were we thinking, when we came up with these buildings and, not diving in too deep because, somebody has to stop me I can nerd out on this for hours but, we'll just look into like a few specific things that we did for update four, like starting with the resource well pressurizer so, that is, essentially we looked into, what it what it in it in its essence is and we looked into fracking and fracking essentially is a horrible thing to do to extract resources so, yeah exactly yes pretty much our logic I mean that's horrible that's horrible that's great yes nice sounds like something fixit would do you know exactly, but and then we looked like yeah it uses pressure right to flush out resources and everything but, in reality it's not as awesome it's just really dirty and horrible but it's not not as awesome it just uses water and a mix of chemicals and waters, flushed into the earth to get out stuff but and we said you know what what the hell no way, we want to have like pressure build up by smashing stuff, so we looked into, having, having like a a thing hitting the ground over and over again like, and creating like a lot of, a lot of violent, effects, doing that way and along the way we we went through a couple of different concepts and ideas and we went with the three arms holding stuff and then smashing it into the ground creating pressure that way it a lot of sense in the real world but the real world is boring and this is much more violent and destructive so of course we went for that so we went, we went through that, and part of the concepting that we did was also some of the stuff that is not as glamorous and interesting and that is visualizing and concepting and figuring out a lot of game mechanical things finding out the exact distances the placement of stuff what assets do we need to produce to make that happen in the environment to make it look good so it's yeah it's it's essentially not just the building but everything around it and everything and there's a lot of, it's it's a lot of passing the ball back and forth between like game design, art and, and also tech art and pro programming who are essentially essentially the the destroyers of dreams for us who say well that's nice but we can't have that because isn't this so, we go back and forth until we figured that out, but the yeah the the pressure walls were a lot of fun in that sense, so this is like the the measurements of the nodes themselves to make sure that everything exactly we need to figure out where the nodes are in the world how many nodes there are actually like and that is very very game design driven and then of course you have to figure out if you build a building, when you place it into the environment, it needs to fit in there and connect with the environment correctly and yeah so there's a lot of back and forth and figuring out and that is what is one of the biggest thing I would say about the pressure worlds