June 1st, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Hotbars & Radial Menus

June 1st, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Hotbars & Radial Menus

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this is this is the portion of the game that i'm the most proficient at super position being where is i i like i i love how long i worked on this game and i still can't find stuff in the uh in the menus here we go splitter i usually put this i just i use the search bar all the time oh yeah that's also something i'm not used to either and normally there's like there's a hot bar down the bottom and you can cycle there's 10 hot bars that you can use and you can uh you know set whatever you want to be on whatever key so normally when it's a save that you're sitting out and playing and you're invested in you have your hotbars set up for conveyor belts and splitters and merges and you don't end up opening up the the build menu all the time you just use your hot bars um yes but this is sort of just a kind of like a throwaway save that snoot has prepared for today yep i actually don't use the hot bar that much either like this whole thing where you really scroll yeah no i don't i'm not a big fan of that uh but like people can do whatever you want i like the one because i use the this wheel a lot uh if you select something you can like pick the same category so like if i if i select uh let me scroll back to like uh cables i can pick between like the different types of cables if i pick conveyor belts i can pick in the scroll wheel uh splitter i can pick it too much so i prefer doing that and some people do like the thing where they put one of each category on one hot bar and then they just like pick the one and swap and that's kind of more my approach