November 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 24)

November 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 24)

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what are you watching oh i'm just watching an ad for the new customizer we're adding to the game the customer the master the customizer are you tired of nani oh what the hell oh no oh this is the uh yeah i updated premiere version and then oh whoops that's the beat behind the scenes though it's cool is that is that some is that some i think it's just uh [ __ ] what is that i think it's a scorecard that's the schedule for today oh okay we kept like uh so when we're on the golf course there are people there like the annoying thing was before when we were scheduling this stuff we were we kept like looking at the the time slots on the golf course and we really wanted to like pick a day where there weren't that many people on it and uh there was but another aspect was also rain it was supposed to be raining a lot this day but it didn't for some reason um the clouds were moving around a lot yeah like it was like super sunny then super overcast it was kind of a pain but um yeah so so when we were when we were scheduling this we picked a day where like there were almost no bookings on the golf course there was only one like one booking so when when we when we scheduled we scheduled like nine or something and we came to the golf course and then the first thing that happened was that the people there was one more booking that entire day it was like all right we're going to book far away from them so we don't run into them the first thing that happens is that they reschedule like right after us so we have to like oh [ __ ] yeah it's awkward yeah we asked them and they were like yeah which we changed and then cool cool and then as the day went on more and more people showed up yeah i guess i guess people thought it was going to be a bad day then it turned out not you know like weather-wise and so people just decided to show up but it was it was still fine because like it could have been a lot worse in terms of like how many people were on the course um but yeah that clip broke for some reason because i updated after effects and now the link broke that's fine you you know what happens i hold up the uh the phone and you see like some footage you essentially see that just upsetting the color for every single foundation or wall piece tedious wish there were more cosmetic options for foundations walls and roofs hi there snitty mate here and i'm juice velvet and we're here with another fantastic product for you introducing the oh my god my computer is [ __ ] working here oh no it's annoying i tested this before and i got it working but yeah it's the text with the customizer pop-up thing in the nightline look at me way of adjusting the look of your walls foundations and roofs all right watch this okay the bill menu