December 8th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: The Trading Post

December 8th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: The Trading Post

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all right so let's build something so the first thing you have to build and it's free is we have to build the hub right you guys know the hub right we all know the hub it's the first part you built right all right let's build the hub you have to press b I keep forgetting here it is there it is that's the hub we didn't have a hub back then you guys nope it was the trading post yes, so so this worked very differently than compared to now, because this version of the game had an economy system


so I'm gonna walk up to it so this is the hub menu and there's the countdown is still there still in the game it's perfectly placed in front of the trading tab which I guess we'll talk about so this game used to have like an economy and, like, you'd pay for stuff, and I don't know where I can't see it here but you you would like send up stuff in the trading post and get money and with the money you would pay to buy the schematics I have no idea what the this is by the way this is this is the final fantasy 10 sphere grid by the way oh is that what it is oh yeah so this is the mam functionality also oh what the oh no no don't look at that cheater cheater oh so okay- I've heard about the system talking about very minor the portable miner blueberry miner no it's it's bad but so it's like terrible like you can carry yeah I think it's like blueberry I messed up I mean it almost says it though like it does right yeah well that's dude no it's blueberry yeah I'm stupid I am stupid no I'm idiot and you're moving on yeah so so yeah you pay okay so in this build you do pay with the the resources but we used to have a version where you would sell items you get money and you'd pay with the money to unlock schematics I think this has changed right for this bill because the bill before this had the money system right trustee this is exactly yakuza 0. yeah because it kind of looks like the scanning map scanning thing we have wait under logs camp what where'd you see that cat the logs or lubes where is that, whatever oh wait here foundation foundation that's the thing you put on the face right so what's this oh foundation isn't like makeup fancy yeah exactly exactly that's, underlying cream or something yeah yeah yeah amazing all right but we can't do anything because we need to craft stuff so we need to build a workbench we can't do that you can put all the bad things in my favorite unsatisfactory hold up how do you get the work back I don't know can you already build it no I can't like this oh this is the by the way this is I press this key all the time this is the chat menu it always defaults this text every time you bring up the, I don't know how I got that open the workbench is right there dude that's right there you can build it you just don't have the you need yeah but I can't build that without the workbench appreciate it I think I wonder if this needs to count down before that's also a feature of the the ui this little cost slicker rods yeah wait I need to figure this oh this building rotated with that thing man look how expensive the workbench was like one iron plate one I like four hours and then screws you should contact coffee stand on twitter for help we should questions on yeah wasn't there isn't there like a workbench on the trading house