December 15th, 2020 Livestream State of Dev: December 15th, 2020

December 15th, 2020 Livestream

State of Dev: December 15th, 2020

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and yeah on that point let's start with with state of dev, and talk about what is going on for the rest of the year so, we were really hoping to be able to get the, engine upgrade, out this year but it's looking like that won't be done until like this week essentially and it that kind of makes it like worthless for us in a sense, because it's it's risky to put that out with that proper like without being able to like handle whatever issues that come up so like if we put a build out on experimental right now where we don't really know the state of it, and we don't have time to like fix the crashes or whatnot like it's just gonna be like a broken bill until january so we don't feel like it's it's proper to do it now, so yeah long story short it's been delayed the engine upgrade is going to come as soon as possible I think, at the start of the next year, we were really like close and getting it working last week but we were running into some issues with the, like the, audio implementation, chat want broken no you don't want this this stuff right, so yeah gasp delayed who would have thought, but it's okay you got cyberpunk you can or even the fixmas event the fixmas event will still be going the fixmed event will actually be going even when we get back the fixmas event will be live until monday january 18th so there's still plenty of time to try out that stuff and there's also going to be plenty of time to be able to test out like the full stuff that you can get in the advent calendar from the christmas event so that's still going to go on we were really hoping to get the engine upgrade out this year but it'd be like it do, I don't think anyone's surprised honestly, especially not us, we were surprised that we were able to get the both the fluid update and the fixmas update on time so we'll take that we'll take those wins over over delaying the the engine upgrade, your company vacation until 18th no no no the the the fixmas event that you can play in game the in-game event will go on until january 18th we'll be back before then, it's I think the whole studio will be back on the 11th at the latest, but there's going to be people working I think before that even, not like I don't know how people have set up their vacation time but the stream won't be back until the 12th january so we're taking some extra extra good old three weeks of doing jack, what we can expect in the end upgrade improved performance, yeah improved performance, there are some I think the best answer to this is to check out jace's video he put out on the engine upgrade I'm going to find that real quick jase put out a video a couple of weeks ago where when we made that video we really thought we were going to get the engine upgrade out like that week or the next week after that that video also has my favorite thumbnail we've ever done at the history of ever I copy stain, so if you have any ques like you can check out that video after the stream or during the stream if you don't give a before you do, where jace goes like in to depth what the engine upgrade specifically will will have or do but essentially the tldr situation is that the engine upgrade will fix some things like hopefully improve some performance it will kind of like the the base work for, some of features that would be coming for satisfactory, from from our point of view like stuff that can help us lay the groundwork to be able to implement, more optimized stuff there's also the potential to have a way better like color picker system so it would have pretty much an infinite amount of colors, instead of just 16 spots, I think that's one of the hypest things from that, yeah it's just good we'll be coming