March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary Snutt & Jace Talk: Finally getting the key

March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary

Snutt & Jace Talk: Finally getting the key

Clips from the commentary for the Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes ( were taken from Jace's personal Twitch stream:



of the video is actually like fake um all right let's move on to the next clip all right shall i play my video or are you sure yep okay let's let's play let's continue you guys oh my god it's so cute all right wait james watch out it's coming right for us it drops it's a key now that we got the key where do we go next so the the dora energy is strong here in this scene as you can see and then hey was that a south park reference i don't think so did you reference south park it is it is it is oh it was what was it's coming right for us oh it's coming right for us right yeah so so like the joke in the in the script was originally me and jason were supposed to go ham and eliza duggar we we just like we just like all right chill dude yeah yeah yeah so yeah the script was like snoop was like we beat the [ __ ] out of the lizard doggo and i was like how about you just pick that thing up and bonk it on the head and that's the end yeah because because i was like people are going to be uncomfortable with that like i i feel the joke i get it but i think people will be very uncomfortable if we're beating on the lizard dog like actively beating on it is it does not people won't be happy about that uh so we thought just like like a bonk would be funny instead yeah yeah one thing that i think is funny too is that it's up until you added the the the closed captions was in my head it was also like it's kind of unambiguous what happens with the lizard dog at that point because it's either like i killed it or it's like throwing up like coughing up the key yeah because it's like a like sound okay i'll play i'll play the closed captions right crack so i i also did all the closed captions by the way so can you definitely cute cute death point and that kind of like puts the nail on the cop like no there's this frame here it belongs in a museum oh i love it so much



that should have been the fun oh it's so funny your [ __ ] face is like am i a part of this oh make it merch yeah can i get this on a shirt please we should frame this on the wall oh it hurts can i change my my photo on the wall we have yeah maybe you can yeah we all we everyone at coffee stand has like a sp uh a photo that we requested to be on the wall kind of thing yeah and like mine's like a portal reference i think yeah everyone's got their own things