March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary Snutt & Jace Talk: Compositing the real-life Lizard Doggo

March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary

Snutt & Jace Talk: Compositing the real-life Lizard Doggo



so yeah so that's this shot it's it's three different shots on top of each other's staggered and then you have simon's uh vfx of the lizard doggo uh with a similar setup as before he's done like um he blocked it out in blender trying to match the shot he also we also had to measure uh like how far away is the lizard dog go like physically from the lens and then i give like simon like this is a lens we're using it's it's a 35 millimeter shot on a 35 millimeter uh sensor um so that he can like calculate like where what the perspective will be in 3d uh to be able to like match it properly match it properly and then he comped it out masked it um added the liza doggo animation which is which is like pre-made animation by the way from from big uh that simon just like took and tried to match it and did a little bit of of like tweaking um and especially on this shot where uh this is this is the animation of the lizard doggo in this shot is com is the teaser video for uh yeah for the reveal like we're like this is this is before our like the e3 announcement yeah yeah this is like old animation two or three years old it's it's like the announcement of satisfactory that that video where the lizard always like eating from a berry or something and it's scratching it's it's it's uh ear or whatever that's that animation same animation just reused because our animator bigga or christopher we have a we have a uh developer highlight video with him uh check the coffee stain youtube channel uh he left you guys he left uh he has left and he was like our only animator he did all the animations in the video game and trailers and [ __ ] all right it's [ __ ] crazy how one person does all that okay yeah uh so he was gone so we we do we actually just recently got a new animator uh and so we had to reuse uh yeah animators before so there was a window where we didn't have any animator for the game yeah exactly up at this point no wonder why he left if he only knew what we did uh and then same thing before he this is his composition because he added he adds like noise grain and [ __ ] to the the render to make it match like the the noise from the camera uh and this shot was a lot easier to like these shots when it's filmed from my camera with its long footage it's a lot easier to like comp the the colors to make the match and [ __ ] uh but yeah he did a amazing job with this shot as well and uh did a bit of custom animation and like a little bit like clo cloth and like uh what's the word uh yeah what is simulation simulation yeah for the ears and stuff like that um so yeah also shout out to uh emil our sound designer by the way oh yeah can i just play this clip one one one second i'm just gonna show the video again um i'm gonna cut away from you i just just just listen to the lizard dogger guys and listen to it like when it sits down and stuff like that all right something to build from a higher vantage point oh jace look it's a real life lizard doggo oh and it's like panting and stuff so that yeah that whole thing was did email did audio for that and the particle accelerator uh and one more thing i think i'm gonna bring your stream back on okay yeah um usually email does like all the audio for