October 6th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Is procedural hard to get balanced?

October 6th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Is procedural hard to get balanced?


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meant to yeah procedure is really hard to get balanced, but it's also like the I remember talking to


go on wait I have iron ore yeah but but, I need to turn it into things which I don't have like I don't I need a crafting bench for that unless I have enough for a crafting bench revenge those are actually I actually do I actually do this this is totally not like necessary but we have committed so, oh scared the I mean look at this guy hiding in the trees wants to become one with nature my god how much do I have so so I remember this discussion I had with oscar stolberg who is, who makes a lot of procedural games, and one one point he brought up was like, like procedural generation it's really hard to make like really like detailed like exceptions to the procedure generation like once you've generated it's more like a breadth first rather than depth first when you use bread because like you can make a lot of stuff but it's hard to make like you know uniquely one uniquely thing right so like it's easy to make a big world which is like never ending and it's but it's it's going to be repeating like and then you want that detail and then that detail is really hard to do like even stupid I've just built up sorry man I'm just stopping you right now but yeah so I've built these two things so that I can put miners down here, -huh that's it you did it now you can't never remove those two nicely done you did it, yeah so it's like you like stuff is going to be repeating even no man's sky has that issue where like especially in the beginning of when they release that game it was like a lot of stuff repeats, and your game has to accommodate for that so it becomes like a really big part of the game design because it needs to be part of the procedural generation aspect of it it becomes a pain in my ass