June 17th, 2022 Video Snutt Talk: Back up your damn save files

June 17th, 2022 Video

Snutt Talk: Back up your damn save files


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times please note that if you are going to opt in to experimental there's one very important thing you need to do before you do this and that is to back up your damn save files because of a couple reasons first of all it's because of cloud sync cloud sync is not to be 100 trusted both on steam and epic I've talked to many people that have just had like cloud sync just completely either wipe their their save directory or like something else happening or some confusing message popping up like hey do you want to cloud sync and then people accidentally overwrite their save directory in many cases where people reach out to me losing their save files it's something related to cloud sync and it's not something we can do anything about all the save files that you have are placed locally on your hard drive so there's no way for us to access them so you can't reach out to us anything like that if you lose your save file and it absolutely sucks for many reasons like I've been in that situation too where I've lost my save file for other games and it just it's a it's a horrible feeling so please please make sure to up back up your save files, actually kind of regardless in one way if you have a huge staple you have like 300 hours of gameplay please make sure to back up your save files please please please, for your own sake the other reason is