June 17th, 2022 Video Q&A: What happens now?

June 17th, 2022 Video

Q&A: What happens now?


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you may ask well person on the internet watching this youtube video I'm glad you asked because I'm about to explain that to you so we are currently working on fixing bugs and fixing issues, if you have played on the experimental ranch you may or may not know that it's there's a couple of bugs in in the game right now and we kind of knew that we when we were going into this because we are kind of releasing the update a bit earlier than we usually do when we're working on these things but, yeah we're working on bug fixes, our first and foremost priority is to fix crashes that people are having, if you are having issues with the game where the game is crashing or anything like that the only thing you really need to do is to hit the like send crash report button thingy and we will be notified of like all the major crashes are happening and then we go through like prioritize like okay which one is happening the most it's this one then we'll fix that and go through those if you're playing with mods please note that a lot of mods seem to cause crashes and there's nothing we can do about that so the only thing that you can if you have mods installed is to like try and uninstall the mods and see if you're still getting the crash and if you do get the crash then hit that button and then we'll be notified and, check in with the mod creators if they're aware of on any crash related issues and see if they can fix it but but yeah like if you're running into crashes with most and you have mods installed it's probably because of mods honestly apart from the crash issues, that people are running into we're also looking into fixing the major bug issues that people are running into, I'm kind of hesitant to like tell you what we're looking working on right now because at the point where this video is coming out we probably already have fixed a bunch of this stuff so I'm not quite sure when this video comes out you know what's happened but, we are looking into a bunch of stuff, I just want to mention quickly that it appears that dedicated servers seems to been the ones that are taking the the biggest hit in this update so when you're reporting issues please very like specify if you're running into any issues on dedicated servers or if this is a single player or multiplayer session or whatever if you're playing a client or host yada yada et cetera like give us as much information you can really when you're bug reporting because the more information you can give us the faster we can fix them essentially so so plea please be as detailed as possible but I just yeah quickly say that like if you're playing on dedicated servers it appears that they're a little more buggy than the regular version essentially so just be aware of that and on the topic of bug reporting