April 27th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Cheatcrete

April 27th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Cheatcrete


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on the one thing that we've already kind of set on though that I've confirmed before on stream and I forgot to add it to the youtube video I put up last week, I had I had recorded it but I just forgot to edit it in, was one thing that we talked a little bit about before was that there was a bug in update 4 where I say bug but it wasn't actually we fixed the bug in update 4 where some of the foundations didn't have collision with them and that kind of upsets some people because it ruined like certain ways to like use these foundations as kind of like scaffolding to be able to build, splitters and mergers better around close to his proximity if you've lifted up stuff I have since also understood how important that cheat create was yes bug exactly, I've been playing around with the cheat crate now on update four and- I understand how why people wanted us to to bring that bug back which we did for update for we we, we fixed it, or not we fixed it fixed the num we unremoved the bug that was we fixed the bug that wasn't a bug but we then removed the bug no it became a bug that, we reintroduced the chi creek so that you guys could use it right amazing the bug turned into feature but it is a bug in our mind but it's it's also like it it is a feature that we want to implement separately all right yeah snip that exe stop responding that's for sure so so what I wanted to say with this was that the whole thing with the cheat creed right was that it it adds more to the game for you guys to build it it gives you more flexibility it gives you more creative freedom and we felt bad removing that creative freedom when we quote unquote fixed it even though we didn't intentionally mean to fix it it got fixed regardless so that's something that we're going to fix the bug with coalition in the future but looking at that and having that in mind that it hinders you guys, when building that's something that we're gonna try and focus on in update five and that's that's one of the features that we want for update five is to be able to improve upon the the build mechanics sort of I say that this doesn't have to be any major overhaul of like how building works in the game it's just that this is something that we've taken upon ourselves looking back at that whole dance of fixing the cheat crate versus going back to it we want you to be able to do the exact same things that you can do with the cheat crate right now, but what if we fix the the foundation things right so so that's that's one thing that we're gonna focus on for update five essentially, and what that exactly means I have no idea honestly like this is something that that our director game director mark and and, our developers are are trying to figure out and trying to prototype and and test and and figure out like what is what is the best solution that will please everyone so to speak, so yeah that's the I guess that's the the major thing about that