May 25th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Can we have FICSIT stock trading & an economy system?

May 25th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Can we have FICSIT stock trading & an economy system?

There's a December 8th, 2020 Livestream clip of the 2017 build of Satisfactory that refers to the economy system, but the 2017 build itself does not show it:

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can we fix it stock trading and an economy system why would you need to worry about stocks and economy and money when fix it pay a competitive salary yeah a competitive salary you don't need to tip your pioneer and comprehensive health care so long as you're healthy yeah um if you need to tip your fire i don't i think the vaude from when we played a very early version of satisfaction up because we did have somewhat of uh economic system in the game a long time ago where yeah were you like a marketplace where you like spent items parts and then you got like money and then you spent that money to upgrade and stuff like that so if you're interested in that checkout it's it's one of our highlighted clips i'm pretty sure on twitch let me double check also there's coupons coupons yeah that's that's uh invest in coupons stockpile them they're going to the moon sell them to other pioneers they're going to the moon oh so topical dude


oh it took me a second but then i was like oh and i know what you're talking about coupons more like coupons when team starts up automatically and you share your your email password with your level i mean that's what i'm kind of scared of i'm going to do at some point yeah i i don't use the the separate apps like for teams and stuff like that because then you need like a cell phone for everything it's really i just use browser i'm a browser oh you don't want to install another instant messenger app huh i don't want to install another piece of software yeah i would like all my software in one software please i want software videos