June 15th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Jace, do the Surströmming challenge?

June 15th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Jace, do the Surströmming challenge?


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jason's strumming challenge I've been wanting to do, eat system oh my god for those who don't know it's just like fish that went bad and someone thought it was a good idea to sell it yeah pretty much, and someone else thought it was a good idea to eat it it's nice it's like fermented fish, caring herring yeah that's been, conserved for a long time and we do it with like with the stuffings we have like the fish isn't cleaned out either oh yuck really like the gut stuff yeah well it depends some some brands but the classic you know the yellow tin cans you get it with like skeleton and everything so you have to clean it good time so maybe they they got it but they don't remove the skeleton I remember it's been a while I've done it three times and is it is it all right or two times it's been okay one time it's been horrible so it's it if it felt a little bit rng when you do it whether or not it's going to be like actually bad or not but it's not great like it's never like oh man I wish we'd do that more often it's always as like a, I used to work at a guitar camp where like we would have people from all over the world coming in and our the dude who runs it is like think it's a good idea like it'd be funny if we just made everybody eat [ __ ] streaming like people love this [ __ ] that's [ __ ] horrible but we do it outside like you don't want to do this indoors I've seen people that like I'm going to do a streaming thing and like they open it inside like that [ __ ] sticks to like the the room and then you have like deckers yeah unless you open it underneath water, yeah that's the yo- I like it when people sort of defensive term they're like actually it's alright you know if you open under water it's like you know if the second you need to open fruit underwater, -huh you know you've sort of already lost yep exactly that's what I mean like like you can't you can't eat this I want to try it I want to try it it's it's a it's an experience I know that you like trying that stuff I think you'll enjoy trying it out I'm [ __ ] hating it or maybe not maybe you won't hate it do you cook it or do you just like eat it, it depends you can eat it raw like, all right which is probably I want to say maybe the best way to do it honestly because like as soon as you start cooking with it you you you can make really weird dishes with it I'm not actually sure what you do with that to be honest like I've only had it like straight out of the can sort of- I would have it straight out of the can I want the I want the the raw experience you know I mean for sure it's did I not say ferment fermented yeah well it is rotten actually kind of like it's it's it's not it's not good, you can also try there are no rules yeah fermentation just control rotting that's true, but it's a it's a fun thing to do- I was like jumping is falling flying is falling with style for sure