June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Are there any plans for VR?

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Are there any plans for VR?

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This question may have been asked previously at least 8 other times, as recently as April 2021 and as early as August 2018.
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uh vr are there any plans for vr uh no plans for vr there i don't know if there ever will be vr or not uh if there is i doubt it's gonna be before one pointer comes out uh and yeah so i i don't really know if there's gonna be any vr anytime in the future it's it's one thing to just like see the thing is if we add vr it's one thing to have it just be like you can run it in vr right but you play the game normally and like that could be kind of cool enough for people but as a developer and i've talked about this before on stream but as a developer you have a lot of responsibility over what you put in a game and so when you put something in it should work well or it should be well thought out and interact with everything else so if we were to add vr i don't think we simply just adding the functionality to boot the game into vr is good enough no um i think there would be a lot of work necessary to make a vr mode actually a good experience and a crafted experience and i don't think that's something that we're we're not putting time into that in early access i don't think yeah maintain and i don't know if we're gonna do it yeah and then maintaining it right