January 19th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Mark Talk: The Blender

January 19th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Mark Talk: The Blender


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so let's talk a little bit about the blender, and how it how like kind of the nitrogen plays into with the blender because that's also something that jay's put up in the video last week the the blender plays an instrumental part in how you use nitrogen to make fuse modular frames which we teased in the advent calendar if you played the fixmas event which ended yesterday, you you are you're gonna need nitrogen in order to make, fuse modular frames essentially in the blender, because it's made in the blender right yeah exactly, and we already we showed the cooling system right in the gases yeah we showed it in the gases video yeah yeah yeah yeah so both of those are are made in the blender cool with nitrogen as well awesome have we we didn't show the cooling system before the video last week right I don't think so no it was revealed yeah yeah the guest video yeah exactly so that's another part you guys this there's still more parts coming even that we haven't showed yet, and yeah we we I'm just gonna reiterate also the blender stuff that we released two weeks ago we're at least a teaser for that we talked on a stream we haven't put this in a video anyway, or put the information out there but, yeah the blender takes multiple fluid inputs it has, it has a big centrifuge I don't know why that is a point in my notes here, and the few smaller frames were built in it, and like we teased last week that requires another resource and buildings and that was the gases that were revealed last week and something that we haven't talked about yet and we probably will we'll probably wait a little bit more before we unveil this stuff but the the blender plays a pretty centrifugal part in, nuclear refinement and stuff like that and how the new nuclear stuff will work, and I don't think we'll talk too much about that today because there's still juicy interesting stuff with that, so we'll kind of tease that leading up to the, the coming weeks is there anything interesting with the blender you feel like is is cool to bring up mark, I think the main things that we haven't mentioned yet is that it's unlocked in tier eight okay yeah well so, to get specific there like the the the resource well stuff isn't locked into your wait did I say tier eight for the blender the blender yeah ah my man tier seven okay so it's it's it's a liquid bauxite refinement the milestone that already exists where you get like, the aluminium ingots and outlet sheets and stuff like that and we're kind of revising that whole thing so with with tier 8 we're also revising tier 7 of course and the blender is going to come with the bauxite refinement but it won't actually be used for the bauxite refinement but it will be used for a lot of important milestones after you get like your your basic aluminium parts running and you can unlock those further milestones and the reason that we're unlocking it in that that early milestone is because we want players to get to have some some freedom in which milestones they select because most of the important milestones afterwards need the blender to make their parts that they are, unlocking gotcha to kind of give them a bit more of like an open-ended progression option there where you can actually have more freedom of choice of which parts of the progression you want to continue with you're unlocking it early on so so it kind of becomes like part of the whole like rebalancing thing with with tier seven yeah yeah cool