November 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: What do we do now?

November 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: What do we do now?

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very much so yeah that that's, I don't know do we do we hang out or do we just like kill the stream I don't know man your stream it is around that time I need to grab dinner too you haven't eaten yet it's like 10 p.m so I've been like off this week sort of, taking some time off, and I've been like trying to just do [ __ ] that I was like I've been missing out on and I've been like so [ __ ] busy this week like yeah do you feel like you got any rest, no- I feel super rested because like I did things that are like makes me super energetic like I went hiking and I've been like doing disc, or disc golf not disc golf but I'm gonna get into that because I do I just do yo I've got a bag full of things by the way we should play oh you do [ __ ] yeah yeah yeah we should, yeah you should come to gothenburg and do we should do one of those holes that you can like there's so many, I have always wanted yeah I've played in gothenburg before yeah I've always wanted to, try it, it's fun no I just do, regular disc because, yeah practice it's it's like good for my shoulders because I have like shoulder issues, and okay they are that exact muscle that I have having issues with right right like the muscles like converge in the shoulder like on the shoulder here and that's like the muscle that when you're practicing disc like that's the one that like really trained that [ __ ] so it recommended to me that I tried it but I also love it- I like yesterday I learned about heiser if you know what that is it's like it it's like the angle when you release the disc, so like there's hyzer which is like when you release the disc in a like lower angle and anhyzer is when you're releasing it on the other right yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember so I was I was I was taught that like once you learn about heiser your throws are going to be like 40 000 times better and, yeah I'm like so much better now after I like realized that you're not supposed to release the disc flat you're supposed to like release at an angle yeah right exactly yeah because then it ends up flattening and overturning exactly and that like have you been watching like disc golf youtube yeah so I've been watching a lot of ultimate frisbee but- I bought a course of, dog frisbee specifically where they just went through like here's how you throw it, and after that I was just like throwing so much better heiser is a weird sex position yeah let's go with that what are we talking about nobody knows we're talking about disc we talked about satisfactory what are you talking about


yeah we should do that- I've never done it I've thrown a lot of discs around and frisbees but I've never gone to like a disc golf course or anything like that yeah I played, I went to the netherlands once and played a bunch of like holes there as well because I was like super into it for a while a couple years ago I've got a bag full of distances I spend way too much money holy [ __ ] but that's the thing like right it's it's, you want to find like the discs you like exactly and like for different different purposes and like the forehand throws as well you want discs that work with that yeah I watched, some like super pro athlete, this golf dude, they were going through like yeah I use this when it's windy and like this is great when I'm like throwing in the woods blah blah and stuff like that and I guess the thing that I don't like about it is because it reminds me of regular golf it's like I want to get away from that [ __ ] but it feels like disc golf is so much more chill I think that yeah the issue with me in golf is really how like elitist it is and like how [ __ ] try hard everyone is just like disc golf is much more chill because I think they're like the holes and stuff with disc golf I don't think you have to like pay anyway you just they're just the parks you just go and play okay I thought you had I played I thought you the ones that I've played at I hadn't I didn't have to pay okay yeah I mean it's not like they how are they going to stop I don't think I've ever seen anyone because I there's a bunch of holes around my neighborhood in mendel where like they there there is a course like just in the park and like going through everything yeah which is kind of weird but, yeah there's never like I've never seen anyone like check anything or anything like that no yeah I played against shipping as well it's got a really nice course you know pick like a really big one that sounds cool yeah