December 8th, 2023 Video Fun Facts

December 8th, 2023 Video

Fun Facts

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break so what are some fun facts about me, I speak Swedish English and Japanese though that third one might be a bit Rusty, apparently you don't get much mileage out of Japanese here in Sweden who a than I am newly addicted to weightlifting, I promise that the office gym is definitely Ely not a big reason of why I appli to the job in the first place, but I am basically living there right now every morning it's awesome speaking of training U my right front tooth is actually what's that oh camera left so my left as well left okay yeah thank you, my left front tooth is actually half fake from back when I used to swim comparatively and had a let's call it a faithful encounter with the pool floor my biggest and most tangible fear here at the office is, probably brewing Bad Coffee our Tech guy is real scary with this coffee I love coffee if I am not terminally online on either Final Fantasy 14 or World of Warcraft on any s of my free time please call someone and make sure I'm all right I love singing actually I love music in general right now I'm very much into metal, I'm trying to learn to sing right now I've heard from people reliable sources that it's akin to torture, it might pop up in a video soon if you want to hear it, if you don't it still might you know because I'm a free