December 8th, 2023 Video History of programming & gaming

December 8th, 2023 Video

History of programming & gaming

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snoot, I also have a history of programming before coming here and after just a tiny bit of experience I can safely tell you that you do not want me to compile a single line of code in my life ever again trust me it's bad, no coding is fine it's really just not for me I've always seen myself as more of a social guy, I love just being social I love games I have done since Mom cursed me with a game of color and Pokemon Yellow 25 years back thanks Mom here we are today, and yeah just the that combination especially with online games which I do enjoy on a daily basis, being part of you know either a small party or an entire guild or even you know a vast Community all enjoying the same game the same brand it's been like a comfort zone for me for so many years now and being here with this job and, you know getting the chance to talk to so many people on a daily basis that all show such passion for the same project the same game and that's something that's making me look forward incredibly much to my everyday now and again it's just so great and humbling to be here oh yeah and you guys will be buzzing to