September 21st, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What is Vulkan?

September 21st, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What is Vulkan?

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yep, so, someone asking what is what is vulcan so vulcan is, a rendering is it's not really an api vulcan is it's like it's it's an api it's a centralized api it is right okay, much like directx's right but, is it like opengl or something well yeah opengl is a different rendering api right so made by the same people though no, so like opengl is like technically open source so like anyone who wants to work in opengl does but there's also like a foundation for it but vulcan I think is the same deal it's like an open source project they're different yeah yeah, but it's it's like a different like yeah rendering api that's built from the ground up, to sort of like fit more like modern needs for rendering, that being said like vulcan is still very very like young and also like whenever these rendering apis introduced hardware has to like make drivers for them so like you know not every graphics card have support for vulcan right now like if you have a graphics card that's older than, it is from the same people correct okay opengl is a predecessor vulcan okay yeah, so like vulcan was created to like sort of yeah fix some issues that existed with like current well vulcan is current gen but yeah vulcan is still sort of young it's like not finished so to speak vulcan is kind of early access in a sense, but in china it like changes the rendering pipe a lot and, it's still in development sort of so like epic have introduced vulcan support but they're also working together with the people that are developing vulcan to be able to like fully support it so yeah tldr it's it's it's a yeah it can it can introduce performance improvements depending on your hardware, in some cases maybe one of the other rendering apis is more performant based on like what we're doing with the game so it's hard to tell, until we try it and that's what we're doing exactly and, and of course I mean the the the same the old support for dx11 which is what everyone is using right now for satisfactory, that's obviously going to stay as well yeah we're not removing that or anything like that but the option to switch to vulcan or dx12 is there and, we do think that in you know on the average case there should be some performance gains, if you do switch to it and it works that end it works is, you know that's what we're gonna see all right but if it does work we do, suspect that, among the the general case people should get a bit of an improvement and, also like if you're getting crashes when you're switching to these like you don't need to like really do anything except like hit the the crash report as it shows up just send us reports and then we'll be notified, but if you're running into like rendering issues or like something weird glitching out please let us know on the qa site, that is, which is also where you should post like feedback and stuff like that, let us know what's going on so we can try and fix it because we're going to try and solve like most of the issues that you guys are running into on the experimental branch, like in preparation for update five so that we are you know better fit once that update drops, so to speak