September 24th, 2021 Video Jace Talk: Update 5 compared to past Updates

September 24th, 2021 Video

Jace Talk: Update 5 compared to past Updates

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regard so another thing that I just wanted to talk about real quick is that this update is just a little bit different to our previous ones you know our previous ones always brought new like manufacturing buildings or, or milestone changes or tiers and things like that and and this one isn't doing that and we were a little concerned because we were like we need to do these things you know we want to get the game to 1.0 we we need changes to the build system because building is a core part of satisfactory we want more cosmetics because making things look nice is a core part to satisfactory we need to fix up these vehicles they need a little bit of love the automation hasn't gotten anything you know we needed to do all these things that's kind of what this update is about there are some you know there's some new stuff coming as well but a lot of it is also taking care of things that you know have been sort of neglected for a little while you know but we we were kind of worried like is this is this going to be any good is this like marketable you know are people going to like this if we're not adding these new build buildings or something but it really seems like from the feedback from y'all that we're all on the same page here we all think that these changes are necessary that they're all going to make satisfactory a better game and so I just want to say a big thank you to everyone out there for your kind words and support in the videos over the past few weeks it really has you know brought you know a lot of relief to the team as well, and just sort of like validates the fact that you know we're on the right path here we all sort of see the end goal and that, and that yeah and that these changes are exciting ones and ones that people see a lot of value in so thank you very much and of course the folks out there who want more manufacturing buildings you want more you know milestones etc etc there are more of those things planned but just not in this update we couldn't put it in this update we're just focusing on other things now maybe next update there'll be there'll be some of those things okay yeah if that made any sense at all leave a thanks jason make sense in the comments below would really appreciate that because I feel really awkward right now anyway so that's enough of me talking