April 18th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev

April 18th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev

00:00 Intro
03:29 TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022
05:10 Cuing up the stream segment with Hannah
05:58 This week's video schedule


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thank you hey everyone welcome to, welcome to a new stream it's going to be a sixth stream it's gonna be real sick I'm feeling really sick today yeah same really kind of Moody how's everybody else doing really tired anyway I'm waiting for the doorbell yeah wait for a chat this was this wasn't supposed to take so long yeah wait for it chat get one more minute give it a second foreign


hold you know what happened you know what happened I heard them they didn't ring the doorbell they just put it at the door I'll be right back sonify wait how do I turn off the color again actually wait how do I turn it back on oh here it is rip oh that was like this boom all right, Hey everybody Welcome to the weekly Dentistry sponsored chat, no actually we're both PJs are kind of sick so we're that's why we did this intro but, welcome everybody Welcome to the weekly Dev stream, good times will be had by everything everyone, it's gonna be special special stream today once Jace gets back to his [ __ ] desk can't believe this [ __ ] someone professional this is what I have to deal with the opposite early start in the bingo card they just wanted to get out of the way I wonder if we can actually get into trouble why do I look so wait I think I messed up my saturation now because now I look all still look kinda weak way but that's just what I look like now maybe there we go so much better, now on the two orange wait I gotta go back a bit wear it this is why I don't change things live go back I don't want to look too happy all right that's close enough how's everyone doing too much tan don't don't judge don't judge oh too much time I got my window open hold on close my window someone said Jace looking good today when I was gone hello is that the real Demi Lovato wow rude all right anyways here's the real intro hey everybody welcome just chug chug chug chug chug do those [ __ ] go let's go it's time to party yes when, when me and Jace went to twitchcon Jace would like chug Red Bull was it Red Bull or was something else there was some energy drink yeah he was just like [ __ ] I would he was I would see him like do that and I would like turn around and I turn back again and it was gone it's like I didn't even see him drink yeah it was the most impressive [ __ ] I've ever seen in my entire life yep anyways a lot of people to speak to her at a twitchcon so, I needed a I needed some extra juice pick me up it was good, welcome to, this week we've done, highlight thingy weekly highlight no sorry weekly devastream Jesus Christ I want to lose it, I'm gonna preface this stream by saying I am I am you know the thing where like you're getting sick and it's like you can feel like tomorrow it's gonna be like I'm gonna I'm gonna feel it I'm I'm currently there I'm Paul I've popped pills so I'm I'm currently living on ibuprofen oh Community coffee stain Community manager pops pills on stream wow Kotaku leak right here oh, so so if if I if I see him out of it I am this is sure yeah and I'm also out of it I got only a couple hours sleep last night and have had one hell of a day it's gonna be one of those streams yeah but you know what we're running on fumes but we gotta make it work chat let's go, so so today we're going to be talking about the world changes, and we posted a video two weeks ago do you want to get that out of the way by the way Jace with a video from last week yep, yeah so, obviously if you guys saw the video last week it was very good maybe I'll find us creation yet actually there was no video last week there was supposed to be one, but update it seems a little cursed for us when it comes to making videos it seems, things came up and we couldn't make it again it wasn't the same reasons it was completely different stuff that came up that meant we couldn't put the video out like I think when snoot had some issues it was like technical issues he was having with the engine, issues that I was having for this video was something different I don't want to get into it, but yeah it was just, sorry for no video last week however we 100 well I'm gonna say 100 at this point 99 chance that we can have the video this week and it's gonna be it's actually going to be really good I'm when I started, writing the script for this one and researching what I needed to do for this I was like this is going to be sick I think people are going to love it so hopefully hopefully we're gonna have it, for you this week so, it's so funny because like the last video you put out was like two weeks ago but you filmed that like six weeks ago so yeah a long time ago yeah yeah so so we're gonna need a refresher but, essentially the video was about the world changes that are coming for, in up to date we kind of teased it a little bit that there were well World update changes coming because I did this whole, while you were Ganges I did like a comparison shot between like update seven and update eight and some eagle-eyed viewers did notice that like wait some of these areas do look a little bit updated maybe it's because of the engine update but it was in fact because we have done a bunch of world changes to the environment