November 16th, 2020 Embracer Group Video Intro

November 16th, 2020 Embracer Group Video


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hey everyone my name is jase i'm a community manager coffee stain studios and today i'm presenting to you a video by embracer group they are the people that own coffee stain amongst other studios they used to be called thq nordic um and so they've been uh a couple months ago they started creating um videos on their youtube channel uh and their videos are kind of just like these stories like they could be a story maybe kind of about a game or just something that's personal and unique to a specific individual within the embracer group as a whole and they're they're really interesting and so the reason i'm presenting one of these videos for you today is because this video features three coffee stainers that you have met and seen before here on this youtube channel so i hope you're going to enjoy this video their story and if you like it consider going over to the embracer youtube channel and subscribing there and checking out their other videos so without further ado let's roll the video i hope you enjoy it uh link to their channel will be in the