May 3rd, 2022 Livestream Update 6: Spire Coast Teaser

May 3rd, 2022 Livestream

Update 6: Spire Coast Teaser

00:00 Intro
01:00 Trolling
01:54 The actual Teaser
03:26 Discussing the Teaser
05:50 Started from scratch
06:26 The Great Canyon
07:55 Q&A: Are the Oil nodes in the Canyon moved?
08:50 The whole environment is different with changes still to come
10:35 Waterfalls
12:37 Manta matters
14:14 Hannah guest appearance on next week's dev stream
15:20 Remembering things
15:40 The Swamp
16:25 Reviewing the World Update roadmap
19:32 Q&A: Will Spire Coast be a new starter area?
20:05 Q&A: Will the water that can't be used be fixed?
20:37 Outro

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so yeah let's talk about update six because who boy this is usually around the time when we like are done with data development but we haven't even touched upon update six yet we've generally talked about like the patch last week, so so yeah if you guys didn't know we put out a, a video last week, to talk about the spire code specific or showcase the spark specif specifically and if you haven't seen that, we'll play a little snippet and and I'll show you guys what the spy ghost looks like and of course the thing doesn't work because I never can never remember I need to like make a checklist before I start these streams let's see here


presentation thingamajiggy you guys get to see all the secret stuff all right let's try that again all right so so here's here's the teaser video we put out last week for the spire coast sorry sorry oh my bad I'm so sorry chad it seems that I have, accidentally shown you footage from, beside islands or baseed islands from final fantasy 10, sorry they- I must have mixed it up they they look very much alike you know how you know oh you know any anyone could have done it okay like you know you know don't put it too much on me okay all right here here's the actual trailer sorry just want to apologize again I may have shown final fantasy 10 again, I'm not quite sure where I've put the trailer, but I think I don't know maybe it's here oh that was from the game oh I'm sorry oh okay oh sorry my bad I mean oh can you blame me I mean we're gonna talk about it, oh geez anyways so yeah that's the that's the spider coast we haven't shown like almost anything from the spire coast up until last week which, I- I thought we had to something but no nothing so so big surprise to everyone, I'm gonna bring up the video so it's on our youtube channel you can do like youtube blah blah blah you can check it out, yeah here here's how here's how you find channel you go to youtube and then you google satisfactory conversation studios or something like that, and then you can find it, so yeah that's the spider coast, again I'm sorry I'm just bringing I'm doing when as I'm like working and streaming I realize there's a couple of things I should have shown here but, if you didn't know if this is your first time tuning in, and you and you don't know anything what's coming or anything that's going on we are working currently working on update six right it is the sixth update to the game, and it's going to be a little bit of a smaller update but it's it's it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty pretty dandy, and why can't oh here we go open a new window okay whatever I guess this is fine, no I'll just download whatever, sorry I'm doing things at the same time I wish jace was here jayce jace makes things so much better during stream honestly honestly when he's not talking about fine fantasy but you know, but yeah so so it's gonna be like it's gonna be a smaller update we actually mean smaller like I know you guys are like oh this looks like a huge update anyways but like honestly it is it is, not as packed as the previous ones have been, so that was the spire coast that we just watched, looked at and it is a completely new biome like it is we've deleted the old biome and started from scratch essentially, and since update 5 we've talked about the fact that, this biome is going to like drastically change, I love that whatever, so this whole section is the most on screen it's not whatever so the whole white section is essentially spire coasts, as the may the eagle-eyed viewer may notice is we've also included the gray canyon is part of the spire coast okay I saw some people be like you never said the great canyon was gonna get changed folks this this this image has been on the internet for a long time you can't blame us here okay we've been fairly clear that that is part of the spire coast right it's pretty much the end of the northern force but I will say I don't think you guys need to worry too much if you have stuff in the gray canyon honestly because, we will tell we will show you guys more next week and we'll talk about this in the video but essentially what we've done in the great canyon is we've winded it widen it so it's not as small anymore because one issue that a lot of people had with gray canyon was that the canyon was a bit too small, specifically around like why is the mouse not showing up whatever there's like the m section where it meets like desert canyons, that section was a bit too narrow so we've essentially widened the entire gray canyon, and we actually removed some of the rocks that are like on the gray canyon side so- I don't think people need to worry too much about the gray canyon onions honestly, but but it is part of the spartacus change so it is going to change guys all right so glad we're glad we got that cleared out of the way, are the old noids in the canyon move yes they are, so so same dls with the rest of the sparkles the oil nodes will be moved they will move quite drastically I don't currently know exactly where they will be you can spot one node in the teaser if the eagle-eyed viewer, I know there's been a couple of like, what's it called like analytical videos about the spire coast and I love these videos, for the most part they're very accurate too so like I think they give pretty good information so I'm pretty happy with, with the information that people have, speculated around the spire coast but we will, talk more about this in in a video this week give you guys the rundown, but, if you what was gonna say there, so yeah oils will move in the spire coast the whole environment like the whole environment is very different as you may have noticed in the in the in the video right, the spire coast is very different, it's got a different like vibe compared to the rest of the game we're not so I should also preface the saying that the spy coast is still working progress so like the stuff you guys have seen in the teaser that's like you know pretty close to final sections of the spire coast but there's still more to come, there's also something that we didn't showcase in the video whoops is that, why is the mouse cursor not showing up it's so weird but, the the whole like wall section that's close to the dune desert that like top part, you can see in like the 5 5 tile and the 5'4, that will also be affected and that will also be completely changed so the thing is you saw in the teaser video, they're not going to be up to date once it drops so there's still a couple of exciting changes to the teaser oh sorry to them to that biome that you haven't seen yet and that was mainly because it wasn't done when I shot the video so hence why we will do a much deeper deep thought on this on the next week's devstream so yeah cool stuff hope you guys are excited for it because I think it's a really cool biome, it's it's very like very very different like at least these coral like parts of it is very different, and we'll probably yeah I'll probably try and re we need to talk about this yeah I'll probably why is it now is the mousekeeper whatever, yeah what was the thing I just pointed out I just absolutely dropped the ball here,


my god I'm a dog he just like saw this ball, where was that comment okay whatever we'll talk about the waterfalls so I think it's funny how people are like those waterfalls look so unrealistic like bro we have you can build machines out of thin air using a a remote control but no having waterfalls, where you don't see the rest of the water that's that's outrageous that's where I draw the line okay this game delete it I can't believe this you guys are so so I can't believe this, I don't want to talk too much about why the waterfalls look like this, immersion ruined I just think it's funny where like the line is drawn for people, physics is still physics physics is still physics but yet we have buildings appearing out of nowhere so I mean anyways I guess that's just how how it do be like but, yeah what was the thing I was about talking about before I'm so pissed at myself that I completely lost track of it yeah squirrel exactly, whatever we'll just blow this up anyways yeah the the chainsaw is gonna go over time once this update actually drops good times 5-10 was it yeah you know what maybe it was this is this is where you play blitzball right here this area, so yeah I also want to point out one real quick thing this, because just because I've seen people talk about this this like manta here in hindsight I probably should have done this but this manta does not exist like this path that the manta takes here is not in the game so I've seen some people use this manta to like try and figure like where because there is a manta going there and this is where I got, the inspiration to have include the manta in the shot because I thought it looked cool but the thing when we shoot these trailers is that I have to like, I have to manually add animate them because otherwise it's so hard to like capture them, so this manta path is not gonna be in the game, so when you're discussing you know where is the biome in relation to everything else please disregard this manta okay, gasp immersion broken even more it is fake yeah we got debated, it's it's only there to to spruce up the shot okay it's not actually, part of the biome, and I didn't think about that when I made I just wanted to make the shot look good I didn't think about the fact that so many people are gonna like dissect this and, yeah sorry but the information out there okay, because the actual manta is a little bit further back, I guess this also adds into the thing where yeah what do you expect I know right this also adds in the the discussion where people are talking about the grand canyon like people are scared that like the grand canyon is going to be like pretty much busted out it is it is back behind back here it is back here, the the grand canyon is like or the the cannon itself is still very much work in progress so that's why we couldn't show too much of it in this teaser video because we mostly wanted to showcase like finnish stuff in this, so yeah the manta is like yeah further back because you can see sort of the northern force here in the background, yes yeah you have to play with with pirate language when you're in this biome, so yeah I probably won't talk too much about the the spire coast here because we will do, more of an in-depth dive on this next week, with hannah, it it doesn't feel I feel like hannah is the one that deserves to actually explain the rationale behind all this stuff because hannah is the one who pretty much made this entire thing, so I want to save that, when hannah's here because hannah knows more about this stuff so yes there will be a friday there will be a friday this week, yeah we'll blame hannah for everything and as soon as I remember what the one thing I was about to bring up before I'll probably remember it later but, yeah where's the golf course going to be no that's the answer friday confirmed for sure yeah this is this is a really cool biome this is probably my favorite biome, I'm I'm torn okay I guess it's because it's new but this there's another biome in the game that I'm really torn about whether I think it's my favorite or not you guys haven't seen it so, I'm talking about the swamp by the way, if you didn't know if you weren't here last week we are updating like the the atmosphere in the swamp and the swamp looks so different too even though we haven't like changed anything in the swamp it's just like the atmosphere, it's very different and I like this one before that was like one of my favorite spots before that titan forest is is a good I think titanfalls could be a contender to my favorite biome but I know that we are done done with that either, so if we take a quick look at the the roadmap again or not the roadmap the, the graph that I have here I really need to put like a thingy for twitch something, so this is we probably need to update this map once update 6 drops, and now the mouse cursor isn't showing up anymore it's so weird is it because of this oh that might have sold it okay cool, so yeah for this update the white part here is going to be pretty much pushed to the update there's probably going to be more work on the spire coast I'm sorry I mean I say might be there's gonna be more work to it, the the update for update six with for the spire coast is going to be mostly environmental there will be a couple of more changes to the nodes there as well in the future, specifically we will be adding more nodes, right now there's only oil nodes in this area we plan to have like more of the regular nodes so you don't have to like ferry as much stuff around the map like if you're setting up oil basis you will get the rest of the notes there you kind of need there, but that won't come up the six that'll be a future thing, and the swamp is going to get a little bit of a of a facelift as well in update six and you know after that we will in the future we'll have the desert canyons here I think this might some work might be done for update six depending on what how much we have time for, the priority really aspire coast but maybe a little time to do some of the setup here so that this can turn into a category d, but there's still in the future we still have the like the the cliffs and the titan forest the red jungle, I think titan force is going to get the biggest facelift out of these if anything, because that's the one well, well we'll see but these are the things that are still kind of in in progress so to speak, and and like by no means like the green areas on the map, category a, sorry category d they're like not like 100 finished I'd say there's still chance that we might tweak them here and there so then spruce them up a little bit but they are close to like final product, sort of just you guys are aware of that but like in terms of base building I don't think you won't be affected in the same way as the other areas I don't think you'll be too affected by the red areas either honestly, the the major things are probably like foliage is gonna pop up again maybe or like we might add some new foliage foliage, but if you have a base built in the small potato forest or anything like that I don't think you have to worry too much you might need to just do a run of chainsaw, cutting but other than that I think you're gucci it's it's been mostly the spire coast that's been the thing that we've been trying to work on, and change so that's that's the one we've been trying to clear be clear about that that's changing so, I don't believe spire goes will be a new starter area, especially not on an absolutely six because it's been it's like the spire coast in update six will still only have oil notes so it's not a good starter place, if you really want to to you know ravage the spire coast the northern forest is still the best spot to spawn for there, but in the future maybe we'll add a starter base there I'm not 100 sure if that actually is going to happen but you never know you never know will the water that's cannot be used in the swamp coast be fixed that's a good question I've been meaning to bring that up I don't know at this time,


but I've been meaning to bring that up and it's possible that it will be fixed I think it's missing just a couple of water volumes this has been a case a couple of times this is the case some like a few other areas in the game too where there's missing water volumes and those will probably get cleared up for 1.0 at some point during early access cool, I might leave it there for spire coasts, yes I'll leave it there for spider coast there's there's a lot of information still that I'm kind of withholding here but I kind of want to save it with when hannah's here so that we can give like a proper update on things but yeah dope