May 25th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How many Doggos are there in the world?

May 25th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: How many Doggos are there in the world?

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how many dollars are there total in the world so here's how that system works I don't think if we've hannah has actually explained this to me it's actually no I think there's on the map there's like a bunch of spawn points and on each spawn point we designate like how many can spawn at the same time so like a spawn point can have like something between you know one and five or whatever or any number really but we we've probably not spawned more than like maybe three or four or something like that and once a spawn point has like spawn lizard doggos it won't spawn any new ones until you like get close to that spawn point again so there is a theoretical number of like min max amount of lizard doggos that can exist at the same time because if you like run to a spawn point and grab a little doggo and run back with it that spawn like that spawn point one spawn new ones I believe, so there's a there's the first person to reach the theoretical maximum of lizard doggos in one pen I'll buy you a coffee cup hell yeah on me yeah so so help us find out what that maximum number is and then find the doggers yeah challenge accepted I like it we'll buy you the more coffee mug yeah wait oh okay bye you owe me a pizza juice do I owe you a pizza now do you still love me I don't know- I've lost track like 16 times all right you still have me then I know you or me whatever pretty sure whatever yeah 90 doggos in one pen there's a lot of doggos that's a lot of doggos maybe hannah can figure it out I'm pretty sure she can maybe hannah has better things to do no does she maybe she does I fix the trees am I right I fix the floating rocks nobody cares about that the amount of dog was on the map yeah that's that's what we need to figure out right now it's the drake meme yeah let's spend a week on this