October 9th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Dylan Talk: Code Editors

October 9th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Dylan Talk: Code Editors




i'm a strong opponent of no type plus by the way i actually have that installed and i i i constantly get annoyed like that it doesn't that it keeps opening the file so if you use it with a log and it's like do you want to reload this i'm like no man no no i don't want to reload that and it usually just messes me up yeah why not windows original notepad because what dylan is using right here notepad minus minus so i used uh what's it called uh adam a lot in the past and now i don't like adam anymore but i still have a computer okay why not hex editor yeah why well that's the real question why not why are you guys not using x oh right i've heard i'm actually writing this in hex it's just i figured for the stream it would we'd convert it up so people could read it we got you yeah it's actually all binary yeah exactly mesa adam was a good promise but never delivered that's what how i felt well as well i got on the bandwagon when it was new and then i mostly used it a lot because of the uh what's it called oh no when you were writing um what are they called uh in gets like the formatting no yeah well yeah they're getting not the norm but like the the readmes and whatnot there's like a no markup language markdown markdown thank you it's like the opposite of markup what is the opposite of market the markdown editor in adam was really good at the time and i'm saying this as if this was like 50 years ago this is like two years ago or something like that 52 years ago how about that yeah no i still use nope i i still notepad is annoying but i still use it all the time because it's default for some reason