September 1st, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Will Update 4 include Multiplayer optimisation?

September 1st, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Will Update 4 include Multiplayer optimisation?

This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: June 8th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What's the current Multiplayer status?



uh will update4 include multiplayer optimization yes multi like multiplayer optimization happens all the time like we're always working on on optimizing multiplayer um i before i was a community manager i did nothing but optimize for multiplayer and it's it's one of those things for like unfortunately you don't really like unfortunately the way it currently works because where you're you have someone who's hosting the game right unfortunately the way it works the best network optimizations in when we optimize like the game itself so um what's happening in most cases for people when you have big factories is that it your your computer like needs to spend so many resources just running the game for you and also hosting for other people is like is like playing like a different game at the same time almost uh not really but like that's a simplification um so you know the better the game itself runs the better networking runs or or syncing stuff like the less desync issues you'll have um so we we're always working on optimization we have a running like system that checks every single day how we're doing on that uh we're always working on network optimization being it uh either optimizing the like being it benefits from optimizing the game or you know actual like networking tricks um that we need to make uh there there are like systems we can implement to make it better there are also systems we need to replace to make it better um but yeah like we're always working on that and that's i believe we are going to be releasing those as patches that's not tied into update 4 specifically so it's not like we're going to hold out on you know optimization stuff before update 4. we're going to want to roll that out as much as we can and that is because like sometimes we those optimizations break things and we'd rather you know put that on the experimental branch way ahead and then realize oh didn't work fix it up and then once we have content we'll release that as update 4 and then we won't have as many issues you know so that's pretty much how we do things right now so no optimization and network fixes will come when when we're done with those systems when we've implemented those fixes and systems it may not affect everyone because all these network issues that people are having uh they're very like the root cause for them is very different um like there are so many different scenarios as to why people are running into different issues the but like the main one is just that the game is so performance intense and that slows down the it doesn't really slow down the tick rate of the game but it really affects the tick rate and that causes a lot of desync issues um that's a simplification of there's so many reasons why like networking is hard guys holy um and uh yeah i mentioned before about dedicated service dedicated service is supposed like we're focusing that right now hopefully we'll launch that before update 4.