December 8th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Why is the install folder still called FactoryGame?

December 8th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Why is the install folder still called FactoryGame?

This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: September 14th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Is Satisfactory called FactoryGame in the project code for Unreal?

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you miss a trading why is the install folder still called factory game is the technical challenge should we have the project and build the folders yes yes actually that's actually the reason it's still factory game we did the game wasn't cold satisfactory in the beginning it took us quite a while before he actually came up in the name and then uh and so the the project name on a london is called factory game yeah and renaming that is just a pain in the ass to the point that we don't want to maybe we'll do it one day maybe we'll do it one day at one point but okay so here's the problem with that right because it's both check egg natalie here one thing i did in 2016. oh you did that natalie wait what which which part the tech egg the uh the uh yakuza zero sphere grid oh the sphere good ah sweet yeah yeah the best feature of this game um so yeah it's like two things right because it's both renaming everything so we can we have to like it's a project itself renaming it because all the assets and whatnot are referenced by factory game and then we have renamed anything we have to like re configure how everything is set up internally and then it's also that once we push satisfactory like not factory game then we also need like systems so that we can migrate for people that have factory game installed so that it boots up satisfactory and like fixes all that so you don't have to like re install the whole game and stuff like that so i i think it's too much work don't worry again i think i think we should do it one day yeah probably but before one point yeah it's absolutely pain in the ass but like it's you know you do it once and then it's gonna go away yeah maybe i don't know this is you know your community manager speaking you know i make stupid youtube videos but then i just claim we're making certain features now the team has to make it right so yeah we're gonna rename the folder by the way an announcement we're renaming the folder from factory game to satisfactory it'll be out next week thanks yeah look out for that you guys because i think like the the reason here is that like would you like us to spend i don't know a month renaming the folder or would you rather us working a month on like a new feature for the game or fixing something that's already broken like that's the i guess the thing because i i can definitely see this taking a month changing the the name 100 a month dude i am not kidding dude it's it's how is it i've i've renamed my own project once it took a week on my small prototype where i just renamed the folder it was it was not worth it so i would not be surprised if it takes like a month