November 2nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Multiplayer fixes, when?

November 2nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Multiplayer fixes, when?

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some people multiplayer fixes when multiplayer fixes are happening, all the time I don't know if your specific multiplayer issue because it's not one issue it's many issues that we sort of need to fix up for and we are constantly working on multiple effects it's like every single patch almost has a some form of optimization or effects for multiplayer stuff yeah, yeah in update five there are heaps of up like systems that we took put in place to fix a lot of the issues that people are having but you know this is this is going to be something that we're going to be working on for the whole duration of early access pretty much, solving issues like that and with multiple specifically because it's a it's a multiplayer is is really you know to put it mildly like it's a it's a tricky problem to solve so, yeah yeah we're constantly working on that stuff, if if folks are having issues with like their it like it seems like they're like epic isn't logging in or something or you can only create offline sessions and stuff like that especially if you're playing from steam, or if you get this error that says incompatible, oh god damn it one second, sorry one moment guys that that could be yeah sorry getting a message from on facebook from my dad, this is frustrating just tell them you're streaming yeah it's like I'm trying to find the, the url for this thing but I'm not exactly sure what you're, looking for yeah the thing where I found it okay yeah so, yeah if you have this issue where it says like incompatible accounts or if your your, steam or your epic thing isn't logging in or something like that it could be that like on the eos back end that we use for all the networking, it could be that your your accounts are mismatched so like if you're if you're playing from steam and you've connected you've linked your epic account but they're not actually linked correctly a fix for that is to actually just unlink them and relink them however you can't do that yourself we have to do that for you and I hesitate to do this on stream but you can use this url and there's a form you can submit on that form if for any reason you want to unlink your steem and epic accounts, and maybe because you just don't want them linked but also you can unlink them and then the next time you start the game you can then re-link them again if you want and that sometimes fixes those issues from people so if you're having like incompatible steam and epic account or something error message popping up or your epic isn't logging in you can always try that form, it'll it'll send me your details and then I'll, unlink them manually and then hopefully it'll be fixed after we are looking for another way that, either to avoid the issue entirely to begin with because this shouldn't be happening to begin with we don't really know why that's happening, but also like it would be nice if maybe something at some point down the the line if possible we can have it so that y'all can unlink it yourself but at the moment you have to go through that so true story yep