July 13th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: When do we get a Map Update?

July 13th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: When do we get a Map Update?

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uh when do we get a map updating for us so i can actually play the game without having uh without keep having in mind my instructors might disappear and stuff uh well so the reality is you're playing an early access game so you know that's that's probably that's likely gonna happen you know sometime soon when we do do the map update um but that's probably not gonna be the last time we do a map update right so this is kind of like you know uh something you're gonna have to just kind of deal with with the fact that we're in early access however um hopefully the plan is hopefully in the next few weeks uh i will be able to release some information about the world update um and with it i would like to try and just give some sort of like map with some like hotspots of regions that have been modified so that people can sort of uh plan ahead right but the thing is you know the game is designed so that you can build wherever you want so it's it's just likely that there are people out there that have just built in the hot spots of where we've made massive um modifications we've had it before where people have factories that end up being inside a mountain or underground and that's likely just going to happen again but hopefully with with um you know releasing that information when i do um with a map and some hotspots we can mitigate that kind of damage to give people some time to try and move their factories to a different location um but that's that's always going to be a pain like even moving like like what if your factory is in a hot spot right you're gonna have to move the whole thing it's gonna be a pain no matter what but it is it is kind of the nature of early access and we don't want to you know we're striving for a good 1.0 game and we don't want to be like well you know the world would look better if we made it like this but we you know it may scrub some factories so we're not going to do it you know we don't want to do that we do have to put the game first at the end of the day and that doesn't mean some people are going to get kind of screwed over by it to be honest when uh the world does change you know just some safe spots we can move yeah yeah yeah we'll do that sometime soon before like well before the update so that you'll have a lot of time to move things if you want to move things but no doubt they're gonna be no doubt the world is gonna change on top of your factories some of y'all uh a lot of work is gonna be taking place in the northern forest we have talked about that but yeah i i would like to i'll talk to hannah in the future and when we when we do release a video we'll try and release something that um will be as helpful as possible to uh ensure that people can safely move their factories