December 13th, 2019 Video Q&A: Who is Snutt?

December 13th, 2019 Video

Q&A: Who is Snutt?

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the future brings but who am i right well you're about to find out how about you roll that tape


hi my name is Newt I'm 57 years old I'm an Aries and you've already probably noticed that I have incredibly blue eyes


I'm an accountant by day and my night I played video games mostly bracket League I have about 2,000 hours under oculi so I'm a pretty big deal well that's a lot you must really like that game it's alright I play get a guitar I used to play in a band I also like photography I oughta graph stuff I film stuff I find cinematography very interesting I'm a nice fella I don't know if I were stranded on a Lonely Island and I can only bring one thing I think it would bring electricity sorry I was just thinking of something sad my favorite food is Nikita but I but I do eat it from time to time I'm I'm more into sushi myself so do I look at you or do I look in the camera I like that fun I'm interested in most spaces of data processing I don't like to wear socks I feel like they get in the way a lot at the time but I'm also freezing a lot of the time so I tend to keep them on anyway because otherwise my feet get cold it's not optimal but I like the party yeah I'm I'm somewhat of a party animal actually but but if I had to choose I think of prefer staying at home reading a good book about the many faces of data processing I think you'll find that most aspects of my personality is very interesting I have many funny quirks and people tell me I'm an interesting guy yeah I for instance easily get nose please


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