August 6th, 2021 Video Jace Talk: Roadmap for Map changes

August 6th, 2021 Video

Jace Talk: Roadmap for Map changes

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now I have another map for you which is actually
sort of our roadmap for map changes between now and 1.0 we don't have a time
frame on these necessarily but we do know that there are no more map changes
apart from the Update 5 changes coming this year so any other map changes will
be coming next year but yeah this is what the road map
kind of looks like here and we've got Category A and D
added there as well so Category A is actually the white section which
is the significant changes to foliage and landscape
very likely to affect your factories so as you can see the spire coast
is probably gonna you probably don't really want to build there
we discourage that there's a a lot of work that's going to
happen at spire coast so try steer clear of there if you have
anything there at the moment try and move it out it's probably a good move and then Category D is just minor polish
that's pretty much final and we're pretty much happy with how that looks
no major landscape or foliage updates planned for those areas and then of course after
Update 5 comes out the Northern Forest and Dune Desert,
as I said before, would go green they would be considered final as well
you know maybe only some minor polish in the future so
you know as you can see the vast majority of the map after Update 5
is going to be in you know a pretty final state which is pretty, pretty exciting now there's a very obvious concern that people
have brought up immediately