August 6th, 2021 Video Jace Talk: Cave Update

August 6th, 2021 Video

Jace Talk: Cave Update

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and so at the end of the teaser trailer
there was a shot of a cave which looked really beautiful and
majestic and mystical and wonderful and lovely and a lot of people you know really like
the look of that as well and were wondering
"What's going on there?" "is this is this an underground biome?"
for example you know we've hinted that we would be
adding another biome at some point in the future you know is this that biome? Is this an underground biome
coming to Update 5? I can say that no this is not the new biome
that we were talking about however our intention here is we we're going to be giving this kind of
treatment to all the caves that exist in the game at the moment.
In Update 5 all of them won't have already been done but we will work
through them and you know and with this we sort of do
kind of see the caves kind of as a biome you know we
want them to have this one cohesive look but
it's not like there's going to be one big cave section on the map it's it's
going to be the caves as they are right now kind of
just sprinkled throughout the map and we're going to make them all sort of
have this nice beautiful sort of cohesive look to them So a lot of people also asked
"Why was there no 'before' shot of that cave?"