August 6th, 2021 Video Jace Talk: Northern Forest feedback

August 6th, 2021 Video

Jace Talk: Northern Forest feedback

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Now as for the
feedback that we've been getting we've been getting a lot of positive feedback
a lot of people love the look of the- the new fresh look of the
the Northern Forest I mean the new assets etc are just a higher quality as well the lighting and fog changes seem to
be seem to be received well as well however some people have some concerns
some people are a little bummed that you know it looks a little more
earth-like and less alieny right? you know the white willows for
example are gone as well a lot of people were partial to those trees and so
we've seen like a lot of people's comments about that
and in fact on this week's stream we stream every tuesday this past stream that just went by I
invited Hannah the World Designer to join the stream to just talk about yeah just the teaser, you know the
Northern Forest rework in general as well as addressing some of those
concerns that people had so she talks about like the motivations
and inspirations for why we're making these changes why we're going in this direction also just issues like
specifically about the willow itself that like
issues with like its asset quality and also its inability- or
that we struggle to find a way to have it work with other assets in a nice way and then as for like
the alienness of the way that the area looked before she talks a little bit
about how that alien look was just an accident
it was mostly just a bunch of random things that we just put together
as opposed to an intentional crafted alien look
that the biome had you know and so, with with this new approach we're having a more intentional look and feel whether or not it looks more alien to
you or not, you know but at least this pass of the Northern Forest
is a more cohesive look Anyway,
I can't really explain it so well okay I just make shitty youtube videos
let's be real here okay I'm not a level designer, I'm not an artist so I've
actually highlighted that segment of the twitch stream so if you're interested in
a more sort of like in-depth discussion discussion about that and to hear it
straight from Hannah's mouth directly I'm gonna leave a link in the
description below you can go watch that highlight from twitch
I'm just paraphrasing so don't really don't listen to me all right I'm just giving the tl;dr; but for the most part the response has been great for the
Northern Forest rework and that's really exciting
especially since there hasn't really been a world update for a long time-
something that Hannah talks a little bit about in
in that twitch highlight as well so I highly recommend if you care about this stuff to check out that twitch highlight, for sure #SaveTheWillows by the way So there's actually another area that's
getting a bit of a rework in Update 5