February 16th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Who's Simon?

February 16th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Who's Simon?


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simon simon is our vfx artist um we used to if if y'all were here uh in the closed alpha days of satisfactory before we launched it we used to have uh like a running gag that simon was to blame for everything and simon is like the most kind-hearted person ever i think it was like even before when was the first time that joke because that was on like the pre-teaser yeah it began from the um that joke started with the faq on the website right the faq yeah that was when satisfactory was announced right or was it still because it was like announced and then there was an faq where like how do you get into the closed alpha i believe yeah yeah and there was no it was one it was on the main faq yeah and there was like it was a segment there where like hopefully the close alpha will happen in april if it doesn't blame simon was like the thing like that yeah there was two two occasions when i when when i wrote blame simon yeah maybe for two things i can't remember what and then the closed alpha didn't come out until like a year after that i think it said like may in the close the closed alpha starts in may and i think the close alpha started in november or something like that yeah um something like that so simon got blamed and then there was a we made like a mini series where simon just like kept everything up ate the keys and stuff funny funny funny you can find it on our youtube channel go to www.youtube.slash.com forward slash www uh it's coffeestainstudios.devs good time