January 26th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Have there been any changes on Train collision stuff?

January 26th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Have there been any changes on Train collision stuff?


This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: July 20th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How's progress on Train Signals & collisions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKGDe2SsRWA



update five uh have there been any changes on train collision stuff uh yeah maybe it'll come in update five or maybe it will come after update four um and before update five like i i don't know if the changes in trains is something that we would make and then hold on to no yeah like why not just put it out once it's done right uh so whereas changes in update four for example these are massive changes that rely on each other which is kind of why we can't we can't really put little bits out here and there because there are changes that kind of touch a lot of things and you need you need to uh they rely on each other being in at the same time so we have to put them all in one big chunk but from what i'm thinking right now i don't think that would be necessary for the train updates wait well because we wanted to have collision and signaling in at the same time that's when we would put them both in yeah so like if signal if signaling depends on other things to be in the game then we would have to wait until all those things are done and maybe that means update five but i'm not sure i would assume so since uh a lot of uh because we have started touching on the system a little bit and working on it because there are a few issues with uh with how trains work right now that don't work that well and we started working on that first before we can move over to like actually implementing new features for it uh and i think just the way our patching and like the way we you know update the game like it just saves a little bit of headache if we just start merging that when we actually put out the actual next update uh but that doesn't mean maybe update five there could be an update in between we don't know for sure like we did like the the fluids update which was a which was a big update last year and that wasn't you know that's like a 3.5 or something update yeah so there'll still be big updates but it wasn't 3.5 it was 3.6 it wasn't whatever yeah fluids update yeah