October 12th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: How close can you build Train lines before Trains actually collide?

October 12th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: How close can you build Train lines before Trains actually collide?


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um handy-dandy okay i've got the same question written twice that's how often it was asked uh and how close uh another thing is how close can you build train lines before the trains actually collide that's another thing that we saw a lot of people ask do you have anything actually i actually have a picture here for that i think right um yeah you can put you can build them pretty close you can actually like clip to a certain degree with the train lines but not too much or no sorry i miss i misspoke here actually let me switch over to this scene so so this is totally fine i saw some people say that this wouldn't wouldn't be possible um because like you know if you visually the trains are colliding you know in little bit here right a little bit right but this is this is actually fine um so essentially you can build train lines that are where the trains are snapping to like their closest without them actually like visually clipping into each other um so yeah this this this works fine and that's set up there so like the the the rails themselves aren't colliding right so they're they're considered as separate blocks right or separate tracks yes i think they're like if you i i it might be that the hologram is colliding a little bit or like the the collision box or something indicates like hey you're clipping into the other railway i can't remember exactly what it looks like but but yeah they're not like like they're not visually clipping at least yeah but they are as tight as they can be on the foundation block okay so so like this is totally fine um it's like the collision block of the train can i like paint over this i don't think so but the collision box of the train is like actually the the actual hub of the chain not including the little metal parts that stick out the side it doesn't include exactly um so as long as that's not colliding there might be cases where when the train line is like turning if the trains aren't like if the one train is coming in at a certain angle it's possible that they might collide but i haven't been able to get it to collide on my when i've tested this at least but i'm sure people will figure out a way to do it anyway um yeah i guess the purpose of showing you this is like you know not to give you like the specific measurement or anything like that but to give you like a ballpark figure like of kind of what is kind of acceptable and what isn't you know like some people might have thought that you needed like much more space or something like that and uh so you don't dismantle like forty hundred kilometers of uh train lines when it actually would have worked i'm sorry to confirm two trains with tracks side by side like this won't collide yes these trains do not collide what you saw they don't they don't collide