November 8th, 2018 Dev Blog Using Iron Ingots to make Iron Plates

November 8th, 2018 Dev Blog

Using Iron Ingots to make Iron Plates

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so now we need to get iron plates into the assembler so we need another constructor to do that and they require iron ingots and you know if we had a different resource node here we could build two miners two smelters and just do it like that or we can just do let's see where's it we could just split the conveyor belt so we've got ingots here we just do a split here and I can just snap that on here and just the thing I forgot to mention that you can you can build the splitter anywhere you want and then like attach to it later but if you look directly out of convey about it it snaps as you can see there and then it just built themselves so cool we've got ingots going out to different ways fantastic we haven't set this one up just make plates yet so I'll click on that and now it's accepting the ingots and creating iron plates okay now we have to get this to there so we can't not really go through the other belts we can go around I guess and you also notice that conveyor belts cost actually just iron plates but you'll see iron rods and cement in the middle of the screen there as a cost and the reason for that is this little pole thingy that you can see that's the the reason because you have to pay for that as well conveyor belts must be connected to either buildings or conveyor poles so if I make that it creates the pole and the conveyor belt in the same way that the power line and the power pole and the power lines worked before but of course I can just build a pole myself if I like and clipping about poles is they could be different heights so I'll make one that high and when I go to connect the conveyor belt to it the the cost will update so it just shows that you only need plates other thing about conveyor belts is they cost more how for however however far you want to build them so you can see the number updating as I move closer and further away and they also have a max lint length so you know you can see over there but you can't build there it's too long you have to do it in multiple steps so I'm gonna build another very pole there and finish the connection like that and now all about iron plates are gonna slowly make their way to the assembler and by the way we all know that people move quicker on conveyor belts than metal does okay we this is something we can all agree on