July 23rd, 2020 Video Jace Art: Coffee Machine

July 23rd, 2020 Video

Jace Art: Coffee Machine


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here by the way marcus garcia or it would be cool if we could make uh coffee to go with our fix-it cup maybe we can purchase the beans and make it from the shop that's pretty cool okay so i i i think the way this will work is we need this to be more efficient right so like running to the shop and then like buying it from there and then like running back and you've got like a little machine and then like manually doing it like it's not good enough fix it it's not going to allow such a waste of time but fix it likes efficiency and they want you to do more stuff quicker so let's see here we've got the the awesome shop there's a conveyor belt on this side now on it you put your like little tickets your coupons so you have to you have to be able to automate these now so you do that it goes in here and then out here bam and then if i copy paste it there looks so many mugs not only do you get more coffee you get more mugs all right who's next let's go to twitter